About Serving Memories

When you were a little kid you were asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” at least once, if not a handful of times. you had your answer prepared, right?

Well, now that I fall into that “grownup” category I realize that I am absolutely no where I thought I would be.

While growing up you’re told there’s a “certain” way to do things. Go to school, get good grades, go to college, have a stable career, get married, have kids, etc.

And as nice as that sounds, that wasn’t my journey. School wasn’t for me, retail was my career (taught me a lot but wasn’t my end goal), and well the married with kids part hasn’t happened yet…

I have always known where I wanted my life to go and what kind of impact I want to leave behind.

Knowing that, I wanted to help others by creating a brand that brought together some of the things that are most important to me. Family, Friends, Food and Memories.

Serving Memories

was created to focus on spending quality time with loved ones and having everyone interact in the process of making some damn good food.

I think we often forget about being in the present, especially when it comes down to spending time with our family and friends. I want to look back on memories that I have created over the years and be able to remember the little details that if I wasn’t in the moment I might not otherwise remember.

No matter where you are in your journey, whether that be like myself where I am still trying to figure it out or you already have your life established, Serving Memories encourages you take a step back and really enjoy the moment while you are creating memories that will last many lifetimes.

I want to be able to look back on the memories that I have created with the feeling of love, fulfillment and laughter. And I want Serving Memories to be a platform in which you can experience those feelings too.

So with that being said,

Welcome Home to Serving Memories.



P.S. you don’t have to be a chef to make some damn good food and don’t forget to enjoy your journey.