Behind the making of our Gourmet Dry Rubs

When I came up with the idea of creating a gourmet dry rub line I had absolutely no idea where to start. Now with that being said, I knew one thing I was good at. Experimenting. I have always had a love for cooking and experimenting with different flavors allowed me to be able to take a dish to that next level.

When I do something no matter how big or small the task is I put my heart and soul into it. I wanted to create a line that was different. I made my checklist. Highest quality ingredients possible. Spices that you can’t find in your local grocery store. Flavor that would bring you back for seconds and thirds. Packaging that was just as elevated as the dry rub itself.

So I had to go to the drawing board and start that experimenting process.

First, find the highest quality ingredients possible. After tons and tons of research, I was able to find spices that originate from around the world and are some of the highest quality spices you can get. Check.

Second, find ingredients that you can’t find in your local store. After finding where I was going to get my spices from I went through hundreds of different options to experiment with and from that I have been able to find some of the most beautiful and unique spices I will probably ever find. Check.

Third create a flavor that would bring you back for seconds and thirds. Well, talk about experimenting. But I have created some of the most mouthwatering dry rubs that will bring you and your guests back for more. Check.

Lastly packaging. I wanted to have a jar that didn’t look like your typical dry rub jar. I wanted it to be glass so the quality of the product stayed as fresh as possible. I wanted it to pop in your spice cabinet. I needed something that had an elevated look to match the elevated rub from the jar to the box it ships in. Check.

When creating these dry rubs, I realized that the experimenting process sometimes didn’t end up how I imagined they would, so back to the drawing board I went. I realized it’s one thing to write down the ingredients that you “think” would suit the rub best. It’s another to try out the rub. Between the proportions of each spice, the spice itself and the final flavor I was looking for, the experimenting process was not only tedious but it is actually a process that is really fun!

With that being said, during this process of experimenting, it reminded me that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned (even if it is as simple as creating a dry rub). I think we forget that sometimes when accidents happen (such as creating a rub that wasn’t intended) something extraordinary can come out of it. So enjoy the process even if it wasn't how you originally intended it to be.



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