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HINT: Our Turkey Dry Rub isn't just for turkey. Have you thought about adding it to chicken or lamb?

Sweet & Smoky Gourmet Dry Rub - 3.2oz

“ So my ribs tasted just that, sweet with heat and great coloring on the out side that seeped with delicious flavor down to the bone. The ribs came out so good, and all you heard was every one lip smacking them, and licking their fingers. If you use this rub at your next BBQ, you are going to be famous, its absolutely fantastic"

Smoked Hickory Gourmet Rib Dry Rub - 3.2oz

“Okay... until tonight, I never considered myself a gourmet rib cook. But let me tell ya...with your rib rub, my ribs tonight were seriously “to die for!” Just the right amount of hot spice to give it that special kick! But not to spicy!”

Jennifer G
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I have always known where I wanted my life to go and what kind of impact I want to leave behind.

Knowing that, I wanted to help others by creating a brand that brought together some of the things that are most important to me. Family, Friends, Food and Memories.

I want to be able to look back on the memories that I have created with the feeling of love, fulfillment and laughter. And I want Serving Memories to be a platform in which you can experience those feelings too.

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